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Opti Immune

Hol Bio Opti Immune helps your immune system defends the body against unfriendly microorganisms.

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Hol Bio Opti Immune helps your immune system defends the body against unfriendly microorganisms. The thymus, parotid, lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow, skin, and tonsils all play essential roles in supporting the integrity of this vital system. The active “soldiers” that maintain immune system activity include specialized white blood cells,lymphocytes, phagocytes, killer T-cells, antibodies, interferon, and lactoferrin. The first barrier against unfriendly invasions is the skin. Mucus secretions, including tears, gastric acid secretions, and saliva from the parotid gland, are part of this first line of defense as well. There are two types of immunity. Innate immunity is the resistance weare born with, and adaptive immunity is the immunity that we acquire naturally when we are exposed to infective viruses, bacteria, other microorganisms, and toxins, or when we are artificially vaccinated. Antibodies retain long-term memories of invaders they have faced; so, for instance, a person is likely to have the mumps only one time. Dietary and lifestyle habits can have either negative or positiveimpacts on immune function. For example, refined sugar may interfere with white blood cells’ ability to destroy unfriendly bacteria. Alcohol is reported to weaken a wide variety of immune responses. Pang suggests that determining food allergies and omitting the offenders may be more helpful in resolving ear infections than conventional antibiotic treatment. Excessive intake of unhealthy dietary fats has been reported to suppress natural killer T-cell activity.

In addition, immune system activity may be depressed by stress, overwork, faulty sleeping, and the aging process. On the other hand, there are many lifestyle changes and dietary changes that can enhance immune function. For example, exercise can increase natural killer T-cell activity.

Many vitamins, minerals, herbs, and phytochemicals can support immune health, and many phytochemicals are involved in numerous processes that help prevent cell damage and faulty replication.

Hol Bio Opti Immune is a comprehensive formula that consists of vitamins, minerals, herbs, phytonutrients, and glandulars, some of which function synergistically to support immune health. Astragalus, green tea, pomegranate, lycopene, and glucoraphanin contain or represent phytochemicals that, along with some of the various vitamins and minerals present, possess antioxidant activity, which helps protect the cells in the immune system from free-radical damage. Green tea and glucoraphanin support natural detoxifying enzyme activity, normal gene signaling, and natural microflora health and integrity, all functions that are vital to immune competence. Immunoglobulin oncentrate appears to provide direct immune support and to support gut barrier function. The immune system’s essential glands—spleen, thymus, and parotid—are present in glandular form in Opti Immune and are from an Argentinian bovine source that ensures safety and purity. Trace minerals accompany the formula’s glandulars to enhance enzymatic activity.

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